Bambujaya Bilingual School

Our curriculum is based on the Steiner/Waldorf method of teaching, proven for over 100 years across the globe. Classes are taught, or overseen by a certified Waldorf teacher with more than 20 years in education and experience in teaching all subjects across grades 1-8.

Bambujaya Early Years

Early Childhood Program


During the early years, children carefully watch and imitate, so it is the optimal time to teach good habits and values that will last a lifetime.

Bambujaya Elementary School

Lower School

Grades 1 - 5

The elementary years are lively at Bambujaya with much of the learning delivered through stories and images, hands-on lessons.

Bambujaya Middle School

Middle School

Grades 6 - 8

In Middle School the curriculum evolves to accommodate the learner’s growing need for truth.

Bambujaya Creative Arts


Speciality Subjects

Creative learning at Bambujaya takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors.

Coming Soon

High School

Grades 9 - 12

As Bambujaya continues to grow with your child, we will open grades 9 – 12 over the coming years.

Bambujaya Reading Books

English Curriculum

Varied instruction to gain a solid understanding and ability to use the English language

Our English program is built around the four literacy skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In keeping with child development and the natural way we learn a language, speaking and listening is the first focus, while in the later years reading and writing is developed.

All four literacy skills are introduced throughout the early grades, as the children practise through many different activities.

English through the arts classes to practice English language may include:

  • Drama: acting out situations, focus activities and performing plays.
  • Music: Singing, instruments, music from around the world.
  • Art: drawing, painting, sculpture
  • Gardening on site: growing and caring for plants, nature activities
  • Cooking and food preparation: traditional and international
  • Movement: yoga, dance, games and physical education
  • Games: board games, strategy and team building
  • Craft and handwork: traditional and international
Bambujaya Studying

Formal English instruction classes develop children’s speaking and listening skills along with an understanding of the alphabet, frequently used sounds, blending letters and sounds, and recognising the written word. These lead into instruction in writing and reading according to the skill level of each individual child.

Classes include poems and rhymes, pronunciation, storytelling, simple translations, writing and reading practice and acting out stories.

Bambujaya Main Lesson Book

In addition, English through the arts inspires self-confidence, fosters creativity, models and encourages cooperation, while providing opportunities to practise the four literacy skills. Furthermore, it provides an international view through the introduction of different cultures and customs.

During all lessons, there is a strong emphasis on vocabulary and the language of everyday life. Children learn how to use the English language to communicate about common topics and in typical situations. In addition, the Khmer curriculum is integrated, for a connected, hands-on approach to learning.

“Where is the book in which the teacher can read about what teaching is? The children themselves are this book. We should not learn to teach out of any book other than the one lying open before us and consisting of the children themselves.”

Rudolf Steiner

Bambujaya Cooking Class

Khmer Curriculum

Hands-on and active learning of the Khmer language and culture

By educating the hands, heart and head, we encourage compassion, appreciation, and creativity. Our vibrant learning environment nurtures each child, so they blossom and develop the courage to believe in their unique qualities and inner talent.

They embrace challenges with passion and perseverance, respectfully supporting each other with understanding.

For a deeper understanding and to build responsibility, we include:

  • Creative hands-on activities to reinforce learning
  • Numerous visual aids and mathematics materials
  • Drawing and painting
  • Gardening on site: growing and caring for plants, nature activities
  • Cooking and food preparation: both traditional and international
  • Movement: learning through doing, cooperative games, traditional dance
  • Traditional crafts
Bambujaya English

Our Khmer curriculum is based on child development, inspired by a 100 year old educational philosophy, preparing our learners at every grade level. We foster pride in their own language and the rich, traditional Khmer culture. At Bambujaya, our learners are also exposed to an international viewpoint to prepare them for a future full of opportunities. Core subjects taught are Khmer, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Our exciting hands-on approach leads to curiosity and better retention of the material. Bambujaya graduates will be a new generation of leaders, who love their country and are also ready to meet the challenges of our changing world.

Bambujaya English Program

During lessons, there is a strong emphasis on children being active in their own learning, as well as practice of new skills through reading, writing, computation and group activities. Understanding is demonstrated through projects, movement, discussions, written work and learning reviews. A solid and practical base of knowledge is formed, by relating lessons to the real world and each other. For example, during cooking class we might practise English vocabulary, Mathematics through measuring, and Social Studies by using ingredients grown in gardening classes.

All this learning takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors. Together we learn, grow, explore and lay the foundation for the future of Cambodia!