Bambujaya Bilingual School

Community is incredibly important at Bambujaya. Our families want to know what and how the children learn – we encourage family members to join the learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. We invite them to workshops where we discuss how children learn and how we can support them and each other. We strive to keep our families up to date with learning at Bambujaya.


Don’t forget to check our calendar and newsfeed on our social media homepage for our upcoming community events.

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Get Involved

Families are vital to Bambujaya’s ongoing success as a Waldorf-inspired school and our thriving community in Siem Reap. By lending a hand, you share in your child’s educational experiences and have a direct impact on the quality of the community that nurtures and enriches all of our children. Instinctively, children are eager to participate. At Bambujaya we create a range of opportunities for involvement, where we bond through acts of service. The saying goes, “many hands make light work.”

There is a volunteering opportunity to suit everyone’s talents. The work of our Bambujaya community is organised into three committees;

Hands Committee

This committee provides hands-on support to our school, from labour and handwork to gardening and site beautification. Imagine gardening together with friends while the children play in and around our beautiful campus!

Hearts Committee

This committee nourishes the community with warmth, heart and food at our community-building events. We nurture a culture where all are welcome and appreciated – the Hearts committee loves to bring people together.

Heads Committee

This committee creates opportunities for families to learn more about our Waldorf-inspired education and child-rearing strategies. The Heads committee promotes Bambujaya Bilingual School through positive reviews on social media. You can join our Bambujaya team at local community events to ‘spread the word’ about our school. These events and activities may include:

  • Coffee & Crafts on campus
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Single Use Plastic-Free Campus Initiative

In addition, you could also support our learning facilitators in some of the class activities, such as joining a field trip, keeping score at a sports event, doing the grocery shopping for a class camping trip or bringing freshly baked bread. 

We hope you enjoy the many opportunities to become involved at Bambujaya.