Childhood First

Bambujaya Bilingual School

Experts in child development are now confirming what Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf schools, understood a hundred years ago: children learn both eagerly and naturally. Every detail of Waldorf-inspired education is aimed at the holistic development of the individual. Our Bambujaya curriculum is rich in every branch of academics and is enlivened with the arts and practical skills. It honours the child’s developmental stages, nurtures the individual’s capabilities and prepares them for new learning to come.

From early childhood through to high school, Bambujaya classes go beyond the routine delivery of academic information. They also develop the nimble, humane, and discerning minds these young individuals will need. Our learning facilitators steadily build each child’s capacity for sensitive engagement, original thinking, clear reasoning and the ability to translate ideas into action.

Listen to our Bambujaya classes and you will hear the joyful sound of childhood taking its time.